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Call for Science

Submitting a case report to 2023 SCAI SHOCK provides you with the opportunity to share your work with our global community. Share your experience, knowledge, latest clinical data, and medical advances with your peers and contribute to improving practice and patient survival rates. 

Submissions are welcomed from but not limited to cardiologists, intensivists, surgeons, nurses, advanced practice providers, and hospital administrators. 

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Case Submissions

Case submissions must include a case report and PowerPoint file and will be considered for oral presentations during our in-person meeting or added as bonus content to the app. 

  • Submission is free!
  • All accepted presenters will receive nontransferable complimentary registration.


Click here for Case Guidelines
  1. A case submission must include a case report and a PowerPoint presentation. The case report must be limited 
    to 500 words (not including headers) and must contain the following sections: Title, Introduction, Clinical Case, 
    and Discussion. 
  2. The SCAI Program Committee endorses the position of the American Association for the Advancement for 
    Science (AAAS) in requiring assurances of the responsible use of animals in research. All submissions for 
    consideration must follow these guidelines. 
  3. Each presenting author must comply with the SCAI Disclosure Policy and must provide the following:
    indication of the relationship, the associated commercial entity, and the level of support. All presenters at SCAI's 
    SHOCK meeting must display a slide at the beginning of their presentation indicating disclosure information, as 
    applicable, or that they have nothing to disclose. 
  4. There is no limit on the number of authors for case submissions. 
  5. All revisions must be made by the case submission deadline. 
  6. The submitter acts on behalf of all co-authors and in submitting a case, transfers to SCAI the copyright and all other rights in the material comprising the application if the application is accepted. Co-authors reserve the following: 
    • All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights
    • The right to use all or part of the application in future works of their own. SCAI, as holder of the copyright on the accepted application, reserves all rights of reproduction, distribution, performance, display, and the right to create derivative works in both print and digital formats. 
  7. Case acceptance notifications will be emailed to the addresses provided for the presenting authors, along 
    with presentation guidelines. 
  8. Requests to withdraw a case must be submitted in writing to by September 5, 2023


Phone: 800-992-7224