JSCAI will directly support the professional practice of our members. With articles focusing on the latest SCAI Clinical Guideline documents, academic research, practice information, technical “how-to” articles, case reports, and review articles, you can get all of the latest information in one place.

Launching a new journal where SCAI can be the leading publication in the field, will enable us to drive quality, make everything accessible through Open Access, and continue to broaden the impact that our evidence-led resources provide for you, our interventional cardiologists.

JSCAI will provide the latest information in clinical research, first-in-human studies, and original research across:

  • coronary and complex coronary heart disease;
  • congenital heart disease;
  • adult congenital heart disease;
  • structural and valvular heart disease;
  • peripheral vascular disease;
  • and imaging and physiology.

When the journal opens for submissions in the latter half of 2021 support SCAI by submitting your next paper to our journal and help us broaden the impact we have on interventional cardiology worldwide. SCAI members can take advantage of a short time to publication with your research instantly accessible to everyone upon publication.

Join us in making JSCAI a leader in the field. SCAI will own and manage JSCAI, and we pride ourselves on offering a journal that you can be proud to publish in.

  • A rigorous peer-review process
  • An outstanding Editorial Board
  • A clear conflict of interest policy

Why is Open Access important?


Frequently asked questions about JSCAI

Find out everything you need to know about JSCAI, our relationship with CCI and our new Founding Editor-in-Chief, in our FAQs.