Accreditation | SCAI

Accreditation is a valuable resource for cardiovascular programs to assert their commitment to the highest standards of care in cardiology.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to quality directly reflects upon patient outcomes. Accredited facilities are significantly more likely than non-accredited centers to meet nationally established standards for multiple structural, process-related, and procedural domains.

Why Corazon?

Corazon is the national leader in accreditation across the cardiovascular care continuum, with an in-depth and foundational knowledge of patient safety, clinical efficiency, and quality outcomes.

Corazon’s unique E3 accreditation process brings many and varied programmatic benefits to cardiovascular service lines, including:

  • Increased focus on clinical quality and outcomes
  • Increased data transparency
  • Consideration for strategic planning and growth initiatives
  • Physician and hospital leadership collaboration to help enhance a program’s success
“Corazon, Inc.’s reputation as a trusted and proven body within the cardiovascular space has long been established. SCAI is excited to collaborate directly with the Corazon Accreditation Team as we continue our dedication to high quality lifesaving medical care for patients with cardiovascular disease across the country.”
–SCAI President Sunil V. Rao, MD, FSCAI, SCAI Past President

Why Accreditation?

  • Patient safety and quality care
  • Recognizes facilities that adhere to strict quality and safety standards and demonstrate high levels of patient care
  • Reduced chances of medical errors due to established protocols and data to support clinical decisions
  • Continuous improvement of all aspects of care through constant evaluation of resources, training, and outcomes


  • Supports a collaborative team environment between multidisciplinary teams
  • Physicians and hospital leadership work closely together to enhance their program’s success

Career Development and Recognition

  • Enhances your professional reputation
  • Recognition in the medical community for working in a high-standard environment

Commitment to Ethical Practices

  • Emphasis on transparency, honesty, and patient-centered care
  • Professional fulfillment through practicing medicine with integrity