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Furthering the education and exchange of information within the structural heart disease interventional cardiology community

Over the past decade, the innovation of less-invasive, catheter-based, and hybrid surgical techniques for treating structural heart disease (SHD) have led to the expansion of treatment options affording enhanced patient care and safety. SCAI addresses unique topics facing interventional cardiology through the structural and valvular heart disease lens. 

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JSCAI Call for Papers—The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Interventions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming interventional cardiology in the way we study, plan, treat, and evaluate our patients. Never has a technology been so disruptive, outpacing our ability to stay current with all aspects of the rapidly changing landscape of our field, with applications that impact image analysis and interpretation, diagnosis and procedural planning, risk prediction, enhanced procedural visualization, simulation training, and virtual clinical trials.

In this special issue of JSCAI titled The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Interventions, Guest Editors Yiannis S. Chatzizisis, MD, PhD, FSCAI and Elazer R. Edelman, MD, PhD, welcome submissions on this theme, including both original research and review articles and hope to highlight the ways in which AI is currently being used and novel application in various cardiac diseases. 

Interested authors should submit their papers to JSCAI by Monday, September 9, 2024. For additional assistance, please email

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US Structural Training Programs

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Advanced education and clinical training opportunities in structural interventional cardiology.

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Home to all SCAI's clinical guidelines, expert consensus documents, and position statements, JSCAI is your essential resource for advancing interventional practice.

JSCAI publishes the latest clinical research, first-in-human studies, and other original research on interventional therapies, diagnostic modalities, and innovations in treating structural heart disease.

The JSCAI Structural Collection of recently published articles specializes in innovative, less-invasive, catheter-based, and hybrid surgical techniques for treating structural heart disease.

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In clinical practice, decisions are not always clear-cut. Sharing your case as a recording or cardio quiz helps other practitioners develop their critical thinking skills and keep up-to-date. 

Find out more about the processes to follow to ensure that your case or quiz submission is successful. 

Structural Heart Disease Council

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Representing the interests of fellow members and patients, SCAI's councils are responsible for developing the strategy that drives the Society's programs. 

They are an opportunity to get more involved in SCAI's work, continue your professional development and network. 


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