The CATHLAB Quality Improvement program aims to increase awareness as the key ingredient to quality improvement efforts through sharing best practices for pre-, intra-, and post- procedure evaluation and management. The course will be exposed to the integration of latest updates and guidelines which will be discussed during cases sessions.


Learning Objectives

To understand the domains that build the framework by which CCL physicians and staff can measure, review, and improve quality to enhance patient care.

Main topics: 

  • SCAI Quality Improvement Toolkit
  • Defining Quality in the Cath Lab
  • Operator and Staff Requirements
  • Procedural Quality
  • Cath Lab Best Practices
  • Facility and Environmental Issues
  • Care Coordination with Referring Physicians


Target Audience

  • CCL directors
  • Hospital administrators
  • Interventionists
  • Nurses
  • Technologists
  • Advanced practice providers




SCAI Faculty
06:00 am - 06:15 am

Welcome and Overview

06:15 am - 07:10 am

Leadership—Issues and Challenges


  • Minimizing Cath Lab Expenses While Optimizing Care
  • How to Keep Your Cath Lab Running on Time
  • Who Runs the Show? Leadership Integration
  • Creating a Safety Culture in the Cath Lab
07:10 am - 08:15 am

Quality Initiatives in the Cath Lab


  • How I Use the CATH/PCI Registry in my Practice Credentialing and Privileges
  • How to Handle Quality in an Open Lab
  • Case Presentation: How I Implemented a Bleeding Risk Assessment Strategy in the Cath Lab
  • Case Presentation: How I Reduced AKI
08:15 am - 09:45 am

Keeping the Cath Lab Safe for Patients and Operators


  • Radiation Safety: Are You Doing Enough to Protect Yourself, Your Staff and Your Patients?
  • Cath Lab Ergonomics
  • Sleep Deprivation: A Problem?
  • Maintaining Morale and Preventing Burnout
  • Managing Work-Life Balance
  • Happy Staff, Happy Cath: Navigating Uncomfortable Situations
06:00 am - 07:05 am

Optimizing Success in the Cath Lab: Protocols and Starting Something New


  • STEMI Transfers—The Ideal Protocal
  • Robotic PCI: Wave of the Future or Tech Trend
  • Transcatheter Valve Programs—Keys to Success
  • Building a Left Atrial Appendage Closure Program
07:05 am - 08:10 am

Complications and Cath Lab M&M


  • Adverse Events: Is M&M Conference the Only Way to Wrap-Up?
  • Complications: Documenting, Debriefing, and Doing the Right Thing
  • Case of the AMI Gone Wrong: Lessons Learned from a Team-Based Error
  • When Disaster Strikes: Systems Processes to Prepare Your Cath Lab for the Unthinkable
08:10 am - 09:00 am

Risky Situations: Tailored Decision-Making


  • Approach to the CKD Patient
  • Ischemia vs Bleeding: the Case of the Customized DAPT
  • Case of Stable Angina: To Cath or Not to Cath?
09:00 am - 09:50 am

The Heart Team Approach


  • Elements of the Successful Heart Team
  • Complex Coronary Disease in a Complex Patient: Heart Team to the Rescue
  • Controversial Valve Disease Case: Convene the Heart Team
Course Directors
Course Co-Directors