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The SACIS-SCAI Fellows Course represents yet another fruitful collaboration between our societies that has spanned over a decade. We invite attendees including trainees, early career physicians, nurses, technologists, and allied specialties to join us in a journey into the universe of interventional cardiology.  The purpose of this course is to review the latest evidence that shapes current practice, discuss gaps in knowledge and review techniques and best practices ranging from coronary to structural procedures. 

Target Audience

  • Fellows-in-Training in the Gulf Region
  • Early Career Interventional Cardiologists in the Gulf Region
  • Interventional Cardiologists Seeking a Refresher Course
  • Interventional Cardiologists Seeking to Expand Their Expertise
  • Cath lab Nurses and Technologists
  • Cath lab Quality Teams
Course Directors
SCAI Faculty
Cindy Grines 2020

Cindy L. Grines, MD, MSCAI

SCAI Past President
Distinguished Service Award Recipient
JSCAI Associate Editor
Committee Member
Council Member
ELM Mentor (current)

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