Chair: Lyndon Box MD, FSCAI (2019–2021)
Co-Chair: Joaquin E. Cigarroa, MD, FSCAI (2012–2021)
Board Liaison: Peter L. Duffy, MD, MMM, FSCAI
Quality Initiative Liaison: Faisal Latif, MD, FSCAI
Congenital Heart Disease Liaison: Sergio Bartakian, MD, FSCAI
Structural Heart Disease Liaison: Andrew Goldsweig, MD, RPVI, FSCAI
Vascular Heart Disease Liaison: Subhash Banerjee, MD, FSCAI
Staff Liaison: Curtis Rooney (


To educate our members, ourselves, and key stakeholders (legislators and their staffs, government agencies, patients and the general public) about policies and positions that directly and indirectly affect all aspects of interventional cardiology and to advocate for those positions as directed by the Executive Committee of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions.


  • Evaluate proposed legislation to understand its impact on interventional cardiologists and our patients.
  • Ongoing outreach to federal agencies (evaluate and develop comment letters in response to proposed FDA, CMS, NIH, AHRQ federal regulations, getting to know agencies/outreach to federal agencies, assess existing relationships with agencies).
  • Support select new interventional cardiology technologies by advocating for coverage and reimbursement of those technologies, when appropriate to support patient-centered decision making.
  • Engage in federal and state-level legislative and regulatory proposals to positively influence the outcome.
  • Identifying members who have strong contacts with key members of Congress.


Voting Members

Member Term Start Term End
Sergio Bartakian, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
James C. Blankenship, MD, MHCM, MSCAI 2012 2021
Andrew Goldsweig, MD, RPVI, FSCAI 2017 2023
Patrick Hu, MD, PhD, FSCAI 2020 2023
Subrata Kar, DO, FSCAI 2018 2021
Prashanth Katrapati, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
Lloyd W. Klein, MD, MSCAI 2020 2023
Sandeep Krishnan, MD 2016 2022
Arthur C. Lee, MD, FSCAI 2012 2021
Mark E. Leimbach, MD, FSCAI 2020 2023
Amir Lotfi, MD, FSCAI 2018 2021
Jeff Marshall, MD, MSCAI 2019 2023
Shahab Moossavi, MD 2019 2022
Lisa Murphy, MBA, CPA 2019 2022
Feroz Padder, MD, FSCAI 2019 2022
Ronnie Ramadan, MD, FSCAI 2020 2023
James E. Schmidt, MD, FSCAI 2020 2023
Devraj Sukul, MD, MS 2018 2021
Afnan Tariq, MD 2018 2021
Edward J. Toggart, MD, FSCAI 2012 2023
Deepali Tukaye, MD, FSCAI 2017 2021
Edward R. Tuohy, IV, MD, FSCAI 2020 2023
Michael N. Young, MD 2018 2021