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SCAI is the leading medical society for interventional cardiology professionals. SCAI has experienced tremendous growth over the past 10 years and today represents more than 5,200 members across 75 countries.

We employ a staff of professionals primarily based in Washington, D.C. who:

  • Strive to excel in their professions so that our members can excel at theirs
  • Work in a spirit of inclusiveness by fostering teamwork and collaboration
  • Have a positive and welcoming attitude, appreciating the skills and strengths of others
  • Proactively seek 'best practice' and 'next practice' to deliver innovation
  • Listen to and value opinions that are different from their own
  • Respect diversity, lifestyle preferences, and life situations



At SCAI we offer a range of benefits to our staff that recognize the importance of their contribution to our work and which reflect our values as an organization. They include: 

  • Career development—professional memberships, tuition, online learning, recognition of excellence within the team
  • Belief in the importance of work-life balance—vacation, sick leave, flexible and remote working options, parental leave, dress code, access to exercise, transportation contribution
  • Excellent benefits package—retirement, health, and voluntary benefits


Current Opportunites at SCAI

Currently, there are no open positions at SCAI.