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Early Career Research Grants

While cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in the US continue to rise, funding for clinical research has remained relatively stagnant. As a result, early career cardiovascular interventionalists interested in research have found it increasingly difficult to find funding for their work. 

In response, SCAI is launching four Early Career Research Grants that will fund one year of research and support the career development of the next generation of academic interventional cardiologists.

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Emerging Leadership Mentorship (ELM) Program

ELM is a two year program that combines coaching, mentoring, and training approaches with networking opportunities to facilitate the clinical and professional development of early career interventionalists. 

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Match

The Match is the program that regulates the applications process for interventional cardiology fellowships on behalf of institutions and candidates. It sets reasonable, standardized timelines which facilitate a fair and respectful process that enables candidates make informed and best decisions about which career path and associated fellowship program is right for them. 

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Job Bank

Find your next job using SCAI's Job Bank—dedicated to matching candidates to vacancies in interventional cardiology. 

Check your references, get help writing your resume, apply for jobs, and register for alerts for newly-posted vacancies. 

Practice Management Resources

Clear, easy-to-understand resources from SCAI that ensure you get paid for the services you deliver by coding and billing correctly. 

Includes education on coding and billing basics, recommendations, tip sheets, and access to a coding and billing specialist who can assist with questions.

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Women in Innovations (WIN) Program

Designed and run by female interventional cardiologists this program includes academic research, dedicated educational programs, mentoring and networking opportunities, and:

The SCAI-WIN CHIP Fellowship

An initiative established by SCAI's Women-in-Innovations Committee offering an additional year of advanced training to women who are interventional cardiology (IC) fellows or practicing interventional cardiologists. 

Megha Prasad, MD, MS

Member Highlight

The SCAI WIN CHIP Fellowship was one of the highlights of my academic training thus far. It allowed me a dedicated year to develop skills in complex coronary interventions with wonderful mentors and highly skilled and experienced operators.
Megha Prasad, MD, MS