PICES Executive Committee

President: Brian Boe, MD, FSCAI
Vice President of Research: Varun Aggarwal, MD, FSCAI
Vice President of Clinical: Wendy Whiteside, MD, FSCAI
Secretary: Tacy Downing, MD
International Delegate: Sebastian Goreczny, MD

Mission Statement

To foster academic and clinical advancement of early career congenital interventional cardiologists around the globe through collaborative education, research, and networking


  • Establish new membership—recruitment and retention
  • Create a forum for open discussion of clinical questions or cases
  • Assist in identifying educational and professional needs of early career pediatric interventionalists
  • Develop symposia/educational activities at current meetings
  • Contribute as representative to SCAI Congenital Heart Disease Council to provide the "up and coming" perspective
  • Develop new Society programs and projects related to early career needs
  • Networking events