SCAI is seeking your comments on our 2022 Update to the 2014 SCAI Expert Consensus Statement on PCI Without On‐Site Surgical Backup. 

The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions is now accepting comments on our 2022 Update to the 2014 SCAI Expert Consensus Statement on PCI Without On‐Site Surgical Backup. Anyone may submit comments, including SCAI members and non-member physicians and healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, researchers, industry stakeholders, and insurance companies. 

If you would like to provide comments, please:

  1. Download the statement
  2. Review the writing group disclosures
  3. Complete the comment survey

Feedback is requested by Monday, June 20th, 2022. 

You must complete the whole comments process in one sitting as your progress cannot be saved until the end. The process will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete depending on the number of comments you have to offer.

About the Statement

This update to the 2014 document aims to (a) update the available data, (b) reconsider the types of cases that could be undertaken without on-site surgical backup, (c) review data regarding which patients are at higher risk and (d) recommend patient selection criteria based on patient risk, operator experience and facility capabilities. Importantly, as PCI with no-SOS is often the predominant mode of delivery globally, we expanded the document to include international experience, perspectives, and outcomes.

About the Public Comment Period

SCAI develops evidence-based guidance through a rigorous process to help health care providers and patients make decisions, minimize inappropriate practice variation, promote effective resource use, improve clinical outcomes, and direct future research. For a detailed description of the development process and methodology, please refer to the SCAI Publications Committee Manual of Standard Operating Procedures.

Draft statements are made available for public comment before society approval and publication with the aim of engaging key stakeholders in a transparent and rigorous development effort. At the end the comment period, the writing group will review the feedback received and may revise the statement in response. Comments may also inform SCAI’s communication and implementation plan and future updates of the material. Individuals or organizations that provide comments will not typically be identified by name within the final published guidelines.