Hot Topics in Interventional Cardiology (2019) | SCAI

Each year at the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (SCAI) Annual Scientific Sessions meeting, collaborative think tanks involving interventional cardiologists, administrative partners, and members of industry are convened for each SCAI clinical practice area to discuss topics of interest to the group.

This document presents the proceedings of the coronary, structural, peripheral, and congenital think tank sessions at SCAI 2019:

  1. Coronary: How should maintenance of skill/competency programming for less frequently used, but critical technologies (atherectomy, mechanical support, PFO closure, etc.) be developed?
  2. Structural: Should training in SHD be formalized and standardized? 
  3. Peripheral: Should SCAI support a comprehensive critical limb ischemia (CLI) vascular team model?
  4. Congenital: Training and credentialing in CHD

All authors: Srihari S. Naidu MD, FSCAI; Matthew J. Daniels MD; Sammy Elmariah MD, MPH, FSCAI; Santiago Garcia MD, FSCAI; Andrew J. Klein MD, FSCAI; Dmitriy N. Feldman MD, FSCAI; Frank F. Ing MD, FSCAI; Clifford J. Kavinsky MD, MSCAI; Chandan Devireddy MD, FSCAI; Ehtisham Mahmud MD, FSCAI; Cindy L. Grines MD, MSCAI; Timothy D. Henry MD, MSCAI; Peter L. Duffy MD, MMM, FSCAI; Zahid C. Amin MD, MSCAI; Herbert D. Aronow MD, FSCAI; Subhash Banerjee MD FSCAI; Emmanouil S. Brilakis MD, PhD, FSCAI; Howard C. Herrmann MD, MSCAI; Ziyad M. Hijazi MD, MSCAI; Farouc A. Jaffer MD, FSCAI; Faisal Latif MD, FSCAI; John C. Messenger MD, FSCAI; Sahil A. Parikh MD, FSCAI; Marie-France Poulin MD;  John P. Reilly MD, FSCAI; Kenneth Rosenfield MD, MSCAI; Molly Szerlip MD, FSCAI; Robert N. Vincent MD, MSCAI; David A. Cox MD, MSCAI; and the members of the SCAI 2019 Think Tank Consortium: David Baker; Narinder Bhalla MD, FSCAI; Rosanne Bowen; Callie Camp; Devi Govender MD; Kurt Haggstrom; Nick Hargus; Denise Hite; Joie Meikle; Beth Mylor; Valerie Pierce; Brett Prince; Jeff Roach; Jason Rudy; Belinda Schludi; Jason Struck; Andrew Tochterman; Mercy Tolve; David M. William; and Susan Yowe.

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