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Length of Stay Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: An Expert Consensus Document Update From the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

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Since the publication of the 2009 SCAI Expert Consensus Document on Defining the Length of Stay Following PCI, advances in vascular access techniques, stent technology, and antiplatelet pharmacology have facilitated changes in discharge patterns. Additional clinical studies have demonstrated the safety of early and same day discharge in selected patients with uncomplicated PCI, while reimbursement policies have discouraged unnecessary hospitalization. This consensus update aims to:

  • Clarify clinical and reimbursement definitions of discharge strategies
  • Review the technological advances and literature supporting reduced hospitalization duration and risk assessment
  • Describe changes to the consensus recommendations on length of stay following PCI

These recommendations are intended to support clinical decision making regarding post-procedure length of stay for a broad spectrum of patients undergoing PCI, rather than prescribing a specific period of observation for individual patients.

Flowchart of patient status following elective PCI
Flowchart of patient status following elective PCI

A straightforward paradigm to assess readiness for discharge:


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All authors: Arnold H. Seto, MD, MPA, FSCAI; Adhir Shroff, MD; Mazen Abu-Fadel, MD, FSCAI; James C. Blankenship, MD, MHCM, MSCAI; Konstantinos Dean Boudoulas, MD, FSCAI; Joaquin E. Cigarroa, MD, FSCAI; Gregory J. Dehmer, MD, MSCAI; Dmitriy N. Feldman, MD, FSCAI; Daniel M. Kolansky, MD, FSCAI; Kusum Lata, MD, FSCAI; Rajesh V. Swaminathan, MD, FSCAI; and Sunil V. Rao MD, FSCAI.

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