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SCAI Expert Consensus Statement for Aorto‐Iliac Arterial Intervention Appropriate Use

Consensus Statement

Aorto‐iliac occlusive disease is more commonly being treated with an endovascular‐first approach, using open surgery as a secondary option. This statement aims to guide physicians in the clinical decision‐making related to the contemporary application of endovascular intervention among patients with aorto‐iliac arterial disease.

All authors: Andrew J. Klein, MD, FSCAI; Dmitriy N. Feldman, MD, FSCAI; Herbert D. Aronow, MD, MPH, FSCAI; Bruce H. Gray, DO; Kamal Gupta, MD, FSCAI; Osvaldo S. Gigliotti, MD, FSCAI; Michael R. Jaff, DO, FSCAI; Robert M. Bersin, MD, MPH; Christopher J. White, MD, MSCAI.

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