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SCAI Publications Manual of Standard Operating Procedures—2022 Update

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SCAI issued the first manual of standard operating procedures in 2019 to ensure consistency, methodological rigor, and transparency in the development of the Society’s statements and guidelines. This update to the original SCAI Publications Methodology Manual has been revised based on feedback from implementation of the original version to add specificity and expand the breadth of available document formats. 

Evidence‐based recommendations for clinical practice are intended to help health care providers and patients make decisions, minimize inappropriate practice variation, promote effective resource use, improve clinical outcomes, and direct future research. These documents are a cornerstone of the society's education, advocacy, and quality improvement initiatives.

The publications committee is charged with oversight of SCAI's clinical documents program and maintains this manual of standard operating procedures to ensure consistency, methodological rigor, and transparency in the development and endorsement of the society's documents.

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All authors: Molly Szerlip, MD, FSCAI, Karim Al-Azizi, MD, FSCAI, Mirvat Alasnag, MD, FSCAI, Tomo Ando, MD, Lawrence Ang, MD, FSCAI, Robert C. Bartel, MSc, Sarosh Batlivala, MD, MSc, FSCAI, Brigitta Brott, MD, FSCAI, Laura Davidson, MD, MS, FSCA, Payam Dehghani, MD, FSCAI, Sammy Elmariah, MD, MPH, FSCAI, Marvin H. Eng, MD, FSCAI, Santiago Garcia, MD, FSCAI, Jay Giri, MD, MPH, FSCAI, Andrew M. Goldsweig, MD, MS, RPVI, FSCAI, Brent M. Gordon, MD, FSCAI, Mayra E. Guerrero, MD, FSCAI, Howard C. Herrmann, MD, MSCAI, Hani Jneid, MD, FSCAI, Saibal Kar, MD, FSCAI, Alexandra Lansky, MD, FSCAI, Kusum Lata, MD, FSCAI, Mina Madan, MD, MHS, FSCAI, Ryan Madder, MD, FSCAI, Jennifer Rymer, MD, MBA, MHS, Emily Senerth, MS, MPH, Triston Smith, MD, FSCAI, Behnam N. Tehrani, MD, FSCAI, and John C. Messenger, MD, FSCAI.

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