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Value-Based Interventions for Lower Extremity Peripheral Vascular Interventions


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Each year at the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions (SCAI) Annual Scientific Sessions meeting, collaborative think tanks involving interventional cardiologists, administrative partners, and members of industry are convened for each SCAI clinical practice area to discuss topics of interest to the group.

This document presents the proceedings of the SCAI 2022 Peripheral Think Tank session, which focused on value-based peripheral vascular interventions (PVI). The aim of this discussion was to explore how to transition from a focus on episodic care of peripheral artery disease (PAD) to a more holistic strategy including QOL benefits, long-term health care economics, as well as patient- and society-centered value metrics.

All authors: S. Elissa Altin, MD; Lyndon C. Box, MD; Tony Das, MD; Dmitriy N. Feldman, MD; Sasanka Jayasuriya, MD; Andrew J. Klein, MD; Faisal Latif, MD; Jun Li, MD; Sahil A. Parikh, MD; Eric A. Secemsky, MD, MSc; Rajesh V. Swaminathan, MD; SCAI 2022 Think Tank Peripheral Consortium; Ellie Boutin; Fely Canorea-Vega, MD; Anjan K. Chakrabarti, MD, MPH; James Hasegawa; Nicole Howie; Toni Kohler; Holly M. Lauridsen, PhD; Oscar Perez; Novena Rangwala; Michele Schicchi; Margaret Taber, MS; John Venditto, MD; Jude Wimberger; and Laurie Zinn. 

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