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The official journal of SCAI. JSCAI is the home for all SCAI’s clinical guidelines and expert consensus documents and publications.

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Clinical Documents

SCAI develops and endorses evidence-based guidance through a rigorous process to help health care providers and patients make decisions, minimize inappropriate practice variation, promote effective resource use, improve clinical outcomes, and direct future research.

CCI Journal

CCI is an international journal covering the broad field of cardiovascular diseases and was the official journal of SCAI from 1975-2021. 

SCAI Members will receive electronic access to CCI as part of their member benefits through the 2022 calendar year and all SCAI Clinical Documents published in CCI will remain Open Access in perpetuity. 


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SCAI's ebook collection comprises peer-reviewed clinical information tailored for cardiovascular teams committed to optimizing patient care.

Our ebooks provide access to cutting-edge, practical knowledge on performing and utilizing devices for specific procedures. They feature case examples, illustrations, and instructional technique videos to enhance understanding and skill development.

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Member Highlight

The Guidelines, Standards, and Clinical Documents provided in regard to the practice of high-quality interventional cardiology are extremely helpful to my hospital and my practice. SCAI is the organization best equipped to set the "realistic" bar for interventional cardiologists.
Ronald P. Caputo, MD, MSCAI