SCAI is excited to provide mentorship opportunities to women interested in pursuing a career in interventional cardiology. The SCAI WIN (Women in Innovations) committee has made it their mission to ensure that every female trainee and early career cardiologist has access to forming a relationship with a female interventional cardiologist.  

What a Mentorship Can Do for You

Only 4% of interventional cardiologists nationwide are female and one of the primary barriers for women considering a career in interventional cardiology (whether adult or pediatric) is the lack of female mentors in their training program(s). While many women are encouraged by their peers (male or female) to pursue their passion, others are discouraged. Additionally, while men can be excellent mentors to women, there are some aspects of the prospective or current career path that a mentee may prefer to discuss with a woman in the field. For example, juggling career and family life can be very different for men as compared to women.  

Certainly, nothing beats in-person, on the job, relationships with a mentor. But, given the small number of women in the field of interventional cardiology, this kind of relationship is not available for many trainees and early career interventional cardiologists. However, SCAI WIN is committed to fostering a “safe place” for women to network with other women in the field. As mentors, we can offer encouragement, motivation, emotional support, and advice. Some mentees may want to simply ask a question or two, others may be seeking to form lasting relationships, and we are here for you! We want to do our part to increase female representation in the very rewarding field of interventional cardiology. It is important to point out that we are not recruiters and, as such, cannot find jobs for mentees, but we can offer advice on how to go about the job search.

The SCAI WIN Mentoring Program is currently at capacity but the SCAI Women in Innovations (WIN) Career Development Webinar Series is available on demand. It is an opportunity for practicing and aspiring interventional cardiologists to identify opportunities for career growth, leadership, how to find mentors, and more.