Dear SCAI Member:

We, the undersigned members of the SCAI Board of Trustees, are compelled to make a special appeal to you at this time on behalf of SCAI Political Action Committee (SCAI PAC). SCAI PAC is the only entity that advocates for interventional cardiologists like us. SCAI is a non-partisan, scientific-oriented medical society organized as a 501 (c)(3). As a result, we take great pains to avoid politics in general. 

SCAI created a separate 501 (c)(6) organization to make this separation clear and to allow SCAI to advocate for important public policy issues via the SCAI PAC and to support federal political candidates that support our public policy agenda. SCAI PAC does not engage, however, with candidates for President.  

SCAI PAC’s goal this year is to educate Members of Congress, in a bipartisan fashion, by urging them to REJECT THE PROPOSED 10 PERCENT MEDICARE CUTS TO PROCEDURES PROPOSED BY CMS. These cuts go into effect on January 1st, 2021. The clock is running!

It is a common belief that SCAI dues pay for all government relations activities. In fact:

  • Only a small percentage of SCAI dues goes toward lobbying (i.e., administrative costs) 
  • Zero percentage of SCAI dues go to the PAC by law
  • Members of Congress spend about half their time raising campaign funds for their reelection
  • Getting on a Member of Congress’s schedule is valuable because it allows us to talk directly to them about our concerns
  • SCAI PAC is bipartisan

SCAI PAC has had critical meetings with Rep. Mike Burgess, MD (R-Texas),Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), Rep. Raul Ruiz, MD, (D-Calif.), and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), among others. Rep. Mike Burgess, MD (R-Texas) and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) have introduced H.R.8505, a bill that would halt the cuts for 2021. They get it!

But there is more work to be done. Help us reach our goal. Help SCAI PAC to get our message out. With your help we can stop the cuts! Contribute today!





Cindy L. Grines, MD, MSCAI

Timothy D. Henry, MD, MSCAI

Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FSCAI
Immediate Past President

Sunil V. Rao, MD, FSCAI
Vice President

George D. Dangas, MD, MSCAI

Peter L. Duffy, MD, MMM, FSCAI



Ronald P. Caputo, MD, FSCAI

Ramesh Daggubati, MD, FSCAI

Dmitriy N. Feldman, MD, FSCAI

Howard C. Herrmann, MD, MSCAI

James B. Hermiller, MD, MSCAI

Frank F. Ing, MD, MSCAI

John C. Messenger, MD, FSCAI

Binita Shah, MD, FSCAI

Molly Szerlip, MD, FSCAI


Trustees for Life

Frank J. Hildner, MD, FSCAI 

William C. Sheldon, MD, FSCAI



Francesca M. Dea, CAE

Chief Executive Officer