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SCAI ambassadors foster SCAI’s close, productive, and respectful partnerships with interventional cardiologists, interventional organizations, and working groups worldwide on issues of global interest in interventional cardiology.

International Membership 

SCAI offers various levels of membership for those that practice outside of the United States and Canada.

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Kirk Garratt

Member Highlight

Throughout my career, SCAI has provided a trusted place to turn for expert answers to problems. You connect with people in a special way when you're trying to solve problems together. These shared experiences led to deep and lasting friendships that ultimately have been the finest part of my SCAI experience. I've always known that my SCAI colleagues had my back.
Kirk N. Garratt, MD, MSc, MSCAI
International partners

International Partners 

SCAI is proud to work with organizations within the interventional cardiology community from around the world.

International Events

SCAI provides and co-provides in-person events around the world and virtual events with international partners.

International events
international partnership

International Partnership Opportunities

From developing live or virtual programs, the inclusion of leading SCAI faculty or co-branding and marketing efforts, SCAI has various opportunities that will appeal to international organizations. 


International Committee

SCAI's International Committee is charged with developing and fostering SCAI's close, productive, and respectful partnerships with interventional organizations.