JSCAI focuses on SCAI’s latest clinical consensus and guideline documents, academic research, editorials, study designs, reviews, meta-analyses, imaging and case reports, interventional techniques and innovation, and research letters. 

Find out everything you need to know about SCAI's plans to drive quality research, improve accessibility, and broaden the impact of our evidence-led resources.


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Editorial Board

Headed by Alexandra Lansky, MD, FSCAI, JSCAI's inaugural editorial board comprises individuals from the global interventional cardiology community widely recognized for their professional excellence, scientific rigor, and dedication to improving patient outcomes. 

Working across the subspecialties of interventional cardiology, they will ensure that JSCAI is a comprehensive resource, that can be relied upon to only publish content that meets the highest standards of quality. 


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Submit a manuscript

As an open access publication, JSCAI distributes your work online, free to readers, and without other barriers to access. 

By choosing to publish your work in this way you will increase its visibility and enable everyone to apply your research to their clinical practice. 

Open access publication will also allow others to build on your research, now and in the future, fostering collaboration across our community, and accelerating progress in improving patient outcomes. 

Editorial commitment to rapid peer review will ensure the most competitive times from submission to acceptance, publication and access. 

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Author Guidelines

Written to help you prepare your article for publication in JSCAI, these guidelines include a useful checklist of everything you need to make a successful submission.  

Please consider diversity, equity, and inclusion when deciding on authorship and other contributors. 


Publication Discounts

JSCAI's publication is funded by payments made by authors. From January 2022-December 2022 JSCAI's article publishing charges will be discounted 50% for all.

As an author choosing to publish in an open access journal that enables everyone to learn from your work, you are supporting SCAI's mission to be a diverse, equitable, inclusive and global home for interventional cardiology. 


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Our Publishing Partner

Elsevier is dedicated to helping researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. 

Open access is an integral part of their commitment to a collaborative, inclusive, and transparent world of research where authors, researchers, and academic institutions can share knowledge and build on each other's work to advance outcomes.