SCAI Expert Consensus Statement on the Classification of Cardiogenic Shock

Outcomes for patients with cardiogenic shock complicating MI have not significantly improved over the last 30 years despite the development of percutaneous mechanical circulatory support technologies and the national standard of emergent angioplasty and stenting.

SCAI convened a multi-disciplinary writing group comprised of leading experts in interventional and advanced heart failure, non-invasive cardiology, emergency medicine, critical care, and cardiac nursing to develop a classification system that will facilitate rapid assessment of patients, reassessment over time, and communication between providers.

The SCAI SHOCK pyramid is intended to provide clinicians and researchers with a unified and standardized vocabulary that will translate across all settings. Additionally, the system aims to facilitate recognition of risk for adverse outcomes, potential for benefit from various interventions and prognosis, with the goal of reducing mortality on an individual as well as a national scale.


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