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Updated SCAI SHOCK Stages Classification

The SCAI SHOCK classification is intended to provide clinicians and researchers with a unified and standardized vocabulary that will translate across all settings. Additionally, the system aims to facilitate recognition of risk for adverse outcomes, potential for benefit from various interventions and prognosis, with the goal of reducing mortality on an individual as well as a national scale.

The latest update includes a 3-axis model that places the shock stage in context with other predictors of mortality, such as etiology, phenotype, and non-modifiable risk factors such as age and frailty. It also provides a more useful cardiac arrest modifier and clarifies the constituent domains of the classification, including physical examination, biochemical, and hemodynamic criteria.

Bedside Checklist

Quality Improvement Tool

This educational tool provides users with organized high-yield information to assist them with the following:

  • Identifying and staging patients with cardiogenic shock before clinical deterioration occurs.
  • Optimizing interdisciplinary communication between providers taking care of shock patients.

Suitable for use as a point-of-care reference in high-acuity patient settings, such as the cardiac cath lab, intensive care unit, emergency department, or any rapid-response area, this tool is also appropriate for use at the patient's bedside to provide an efficient yet thorough approach to identifying patients with cardiogenic shock. Once shock is identified, the tool guides team members through additional information gathering and interdisciplinary communication requirements. 

Validation Studies


Online Learning

Complete these online educational activities to learn more about advances in cardiogenic shock treatment in the cath lab and access a wealth of trusted, quality online resources from past SCAI SHOCK meetings, including recorded presentations and downloadable PowerPoints in the SCAI conference library

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