Bifurcation Club

SCAI's Bifurcation Club is a new initiative dedicated to promoting excellence in coronary artery bifurcation interventions worldwide through innovation, research, technologic advances, education, point-of-care tools, and production of consensus documents and guidelines.    

Guided by the principles: 

  • patients first;    
  • inclusiveness and diversity;    
  • interdisciplinary collaboration;    
  • innovation and science; 

its membership represents bifurcation societies across the globe including: the Asia Pacific Bifurcation Club/Left Main and Coronary Bifurcation Summit (CBS); the European Bifurcation Club; the Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology; and the Latin American Bifurcation Club.   

The Club will be highlighted in three featured sessions at the China Bifurcation Summit (CBS) virtual meeting on October 20 and 27, and November 3 and is currently in the process of planning its future activities.