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Message from Sunil Rao, MD, FSCAI

SCAI President

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As part of SCAI’s participation in the RUC process, we distribute RUC physician work surveys to a random sample of membership to obtain survey data from physicians. Survey respondents are asked to estimate their typical time, the typical intensity and complexity of their work and the work RVU for the given procedure or service (in comparison to a list of reference services with established values).

RUC Survey Tips (Video)

Be as accurate as possible. SCAI needs your help to assure relative values will be accurately and fairly presented to the RUC and CMS. RUC surveys are to be completed independently without coaching or assistance, with the exception of clarification from SCAI staff. If you are inappropriately contacted regarding this survey, please notify SCAI staff immediately. 

Set aside a dedicated amount of time to complete each survey. The survey typically only takes 10-15 minutes per code being surveyed but does require complete focus.

For more detailed information on the survey process, watch this video from the American Medical Association (AMA):

CPT Process Overview

Current Procedural Terminology, also known as CPT, is maintained by the CPT Editorial Panel. This 21-member panel is authorized to revise, update, or modify CPT. Stay abreast of new and revised CPT codes through the CPT Editorial  Panel Summary of Panel Actions released after every meeting. 

RUC Process Overview

The AMA/Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (or “RUC”) makes annual recommendations to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (or “CMS”) on the relative value units (or “RVUs”) to be assigned to new, revised and existing CPT codes. This 32-member panel represents the entire medical profession, with 28 seats appointed by national medical specialty society organizations, and 3 appointed by the AMA. The RUC process also includes specialty society representatives from each of the approximately 125 specialty societies seated in the AMA House of Delegates. SCAI members volunteer on both the RUC panel and the RUC Advisory Committee.

RVUs Overview

RVUs are established for the following 3 categories of resources:

  • Physician Work: The physician’s individual effort in providing a service, which includes time, technical difficulty of the procedure, severity of patient’s condition, and the physical and mental effort required to provide the service. 
  • Practice Expense: There are direct and indirect practice resources involved in furnishing each service. Direct expense categories include clinical labor, medical supplies, and medical equipment. Indirect expenses include physician practice overhead and all other expenses.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Insurance to protect a physician against professional liability.