SCAI Email Specifications | SCAI

Design Considerations:

  • Emails cannot exceed 650 pixels in width and generally should not exceed 750 pixels in length to limit users’ need to scroll down to view the message.
  • Emails wider than 650 pixels may not be displayed properly in browser-based mail clients.
  • Important information should be within the first 300–500 pixels (lengthwise), as this is the length of the average preview pane.
  • Images are often blocked or may not render. Design the email with this in mind.
  • Make sure the main point of the email can be understood by reading just the text. 
  • Avoid putting important content exclusively into images.
  • Avoid using too many images. Text to image ratio should be 70% text/30% images in order to avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Do not use background images. This will trigger spam filters and the email will not be displayed properly thereby reducing the value of the email distribution.
  • Video and multimedia files cannot be directly embedded in emails. Generally, all file types besides (.jpg, .gif, or .png) should be linked externally.
  • Forms cannot be directly embedded in emails; they should be linked externally.
  • Use tables to structure the email with HTML tags and minimal inline CSS for formatting.
  • Keep the size of the HTML file below 50 KBs and optimize all the images or files linked in the email.
  • Avoid using the phrase “click here” in your copy, as this can trigger spam filters. A better choice would be “view details”, “more information”, or something to that effect.

Subject Line Copy:

  • Subject lines must be <100 characters in length. 
  • ALL CAPS should not be used in the subject line, because this will trigger spam filters. Exceptions can be made for a single word abbreviation like “SCAI”.
  • Symbols (#@!(%$) should not be used in the subject line, because they will trigger spam filters.
  • The subject line should be directly relevant to the email content. The use of deceptive subject lines is prohibited per the CANSPAM act.

Delivery and Approval Requirements:

  • Deliver the creative and a subject line no later than 48 hours before scheduled distribution. 
  • Pre-delivery approval: No emails will be sent without email confirmation that the proof copies have been reviewed and approved for distribution.