Congratulations are in order for Kimberly Powell, who has been named SCAI’s 2021 Employee of the Year. The SCAI Employee of the Year is given to an employee who portrays behaviors of a SCAI PRO, with exceptional demonstration of mutual respect and trust of fellow SCAI team members, extraordinary teamwork, unique contributions, remarkable effort, and/or outstanding outcomes.

In her role as SCAI’s Senior Associate Director of Public Relations and Communications, Kimberly is responsible for developing, implementing, and directing SCAI’s public relations activities. Her position oversees various communications efforts for the organization, including cultivating and maintaining relationships with media representatives, and providing day-to-day management of SCAI’s public education website, to support SCAI’s mission and enhance its reputation to the its key stakeholders and the public.

“As I celebrate ten years in the association industry, I am honored that my peers have selected me for this coveted award. The last year has presented unforeseen challenges to the workforce during very tumultuous times,” Mrs. Powell stated. “As a working parent, I am lost for words in expressing what it means to be recognized during this time for the work we’ve been able to produce this year in communicating the importance of maintaining cardiovascular health amid the pandemic. I receive this recognition on behalf of all parents who’ve had to balance it all. I'm grateful to work for an organization like SCAI who has worked tirelessly over the last year to ensure our team has the resources they need to excel in all of our roles.”