Membership FAQs | SCAI

Q: How do I renew? 

Renew by logging in to your profile. If your membership is expiring in the next 3 months, an invoice has already been created and you can pay the invoice by following the directions on the page.  


Q: Can I pay my renewal in advance? 

Yes, you can, if there is no renewal invoice for the next cycle, contact and let us know how far ahead you would like to renew. Please note that any upcoming renewals will run from the day after your current membership expiration date until June 30 of the number of years you want to pay your membership for. For example, if your renewal is due June 30, 2023, you can pay for two years and your next renewal date will be June 30, 2025. 


Q: Can I pay more than one year's membership at once? 

Yes. Contact and let us know how many years you would like to pay at once so an invoice can be created.  


Q: How do I rejoin if my membership has been inactive for less than 5 years? 

If you have lapsed for less than 5 years, contact and we will create an invoice for you so that you can rejoin SCAI. 


Q: How do I rejoin if my membership has been inactive for more than 5 years? 

If your membership has been inactive for more than 5 years, SCAI bylaws dictate that you need to reapply for the membership you had while you were active. Please note that you cannot “downgrade” your membership.  


Q: When does my membership expire/renew? 

Your membership expiration date can be found in the box to the upper left on the Manage My Membership page.  


Q: How are my membership dues calculated? 

SCAI's membership year runs from July 1 through to June 30. New and renewing members will have their dues prorated to align with our membership cycle. Please refer to the prorated dues schedule to understand how your prorated membership dues will be calculated.  


Q: What is the online attestation and where can I find it?  

The online attestation is a form that your sponsor will complete. The applicant cannot see the attestation form. On the “Document Uploads” page of the membership application, there will be an option labeled “Attestation”. This takes the applicant to the online attestation request form. Enter the name of your sponsor in the search box and then select them from the drop-down. Make sure to click “Save” before returning to the document uploads page. An email with a link to the form will be sent to your sponsor notifying them that they have an attestation request. To ensure that the sponsor is an active FSCAI and that they are providing the required clinical verification, we strongly recommend that applicants for FSCAI use the online attestation.  


Q: I am a Fellow-in-Training member, does that mean I am a Fellow of SCAI (FSCAI)?  

No, the SCAI Fellow-in-Training (FIT) membership is a separate category of membership for physicians who are enrolled in a fellowship training program.  


Q: Do you offer a military discount? 

Yes, SCAI offers a 50% discount on dues to members who are currently serving in the military. To have the discount applied to your invoice, email the membership team at to let us know you are currently on active duty and would like to receive the discount.  


Q: What if I have additional questions about my membership?

You can contact membership at 800-992-7224 or email They will be happy to assist you.


Q: What happened to CCI?

CCI is no longer the official SCAI journal; access to it, including receiving physical copies in the mail, is no longer a member benefit.  

SCAI launched JSCAI, a new journal, in 2022 that is wholly owned and managed by us. SCAI's ownership of our journal will enable us to focus on the issues that matter. JSCAI has a short time to publication with your research instantly accessible to everyone upon publication and is now the new home for all SCAI's clinical guidelines, expert consensus documents, and position statements. Owning our journal enables us to drive quality, make everything accessible through Open Access, and help us to continue to broaden the impact our evidence-led resources provide for you, our interventional cardiologists.