Patrick Bridges, MBA, RCIS | SCAI

Having spent 26 years in clinical hospital operations, I am focused on operational efficiencies and creating a culture of excellence for patients, employees, and physicians. I am committed to managing systems and driving results in processes that equip people to be their best. Described as a transformational, collaborative leader, I have a proven track record in driving operational performance to maximize clinical outcomes, delivering exceptional service, managing growth, and achieving high levels of efficiency and productivity.

I am passionate about improving systems and change management with a focus on human factors, reducing medical errors, while improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes for the communities I am privileged to serve. These factors are at the core of today’s healthcare continuum, fostering increased patient satisfaction, physician engagement, and operational efficiencies.

I take great pride in my communication and listening skills that provide me the aptitude to understand and discern complex needs and barriers. As such, I can support the people and organization to their desired goals. I am equally grateful for my keen knack to identify those potential superstars around me, providing them the support and tools to achieve their professional goals.