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About the Public Comment Period

SCAI develops evidence-based guidance through a rigorous process to help health care providers and patients make decisions, minimize inappropriate practice variation, promote effective resource use, improve clinical outcomes, and direct future research. For a detailed description of the development process and methodology, please refer to the SCAI Publications Committee Manual of Standard Operating Procedures. 

Draft statements are made available for public comment before society approval and publication with the aim of engaging key stakeholders in a transparent and rigorous development effort. At the end of a 30-day comment period, the writing group will review the feedback received and may revise the statement in response. Comments may also inform SCAI’s communication and implementation plan and future updates of the material. Individuals or organizations that provide comments will not typically be identified by name within the final published guidelines.

Documents available for comment will be posted on this page. There are currently no materials available for comment, but you can view the full library of published guidance here.


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