This year, after a three-year wait due to the COVID pandemic, SOLACI-SOCIME Congress 2022 went live in Mexico City, on August 4-6. SCAI Faculty participated in the SCAI-SOLACI joint session on Cardiogenic Shock to a fully engaged audience of about 150 people.

Through the ProEducar Course, young Fellows spent a full day presenting their most challenging cases. SCAI invited the top three Fellows who presented, selected by SOLACI, to attend the Fellows Courses in Miami on December 2-6.

SOLACI-SOCIME 2022 showcased scientific activities including Cutting Edge Live Cases, international joint sessions, expert debates, and the latest in interventional cardiology, technology and innovation, providing knowledge and experience to our colleagues and to the new generations of cardiologists, technicians, and nurses.

In total, there were 1,300 healthcare and industry professionals who attended in person, and more than 500 additional participants joined in the Main Arena sessions which were broadcast virtually.

Next year, SOLACI will be partnering with the Brazilian Society of Interventional Cardiology (SBHCI) next August as the meeting returns to beautiful Rio de Janeiro.

Mauricio Cohen, MD, FSCAI at the SCAI-SOLACI Session on Cardiogenic Shock

SOLACI-SOCIME22 Photo 1.jpg

Dr. Hector Tamez – same session

SOLACI-SOCIME22 Photo 2.jpg

Drs. Mauricio Cohen, Leandro LeSave, Anibal Damonte (President of SOLACI), and Yigal Pina Reyna at the ProEducar Session

SOLACI-SOCIME22 Photo 3.jpg

More ProEducar Session

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