The SCAI-WIN  mission is to foster professional development, education, collaboration, and research by and on behalf of women in interventional cardiology and their patients.

Throughout the year, SCAI-WIN participates in a variety of initiatives that support its mission. These initiatives include educational and professional development sessions at conferences, webinars, fellowship opportunities, and collaboration with other groups.


Female interventional cardiologists


Male interventional cardiologists

Coronary Artery Disease and Interventions— Sex Considerations

SCAI WIN Live Session from 2020 Scientific Sessions

Watch the talk on Coronary Artery Disease and Interventions—Sex Considerations.

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SCAI-WIN CHIP Fellowship

Established by SCAI's Women-in-Innovations Committee, this initiative offers an additional year of advanced training to women who are interventional cardiology fellows or practicing interventional cardiologists.

Radiation Safety in the Practice of Cardiology

Concern about radiation exposure is a known reason why women do not go into cardiology, we’re about to change that. To ensure all workers are protected from radiation, particularly pregnant Cardiologists, SCAI is pleased to endorse Women as One’s launch of “Radiation Safety in the Practice of Cardiology: What all Women Need to Know,” an interactive slide set aimed to educate all members of the care team on the basics of radiation safety, and the specific implications for those members who are pregnant while performing procedures in clinical environments which use radiation. The goal is to ensure workplaces are equipped with accurate, evidence-based information and to encourage policies and regulations which match the underlying data.