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New—Emerging Technologies and Trends in Interventional Cardiology

This webinar series showcases the next generation of interventional cardiology treatments and devices available for cardiovascular disease patients.

We present novel technologies that have the potential to transform patient outcomes, introducing you to pioneering therapeutic options for diverse patient populations with unmet clinical needs.

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WIN - The Craft of Leadership in Interventional Cardiology

New—SCAI WIN: The Craft of Leadership in Interventional Cardiology

Discover healthcare leadership insights from renowned women leaders in the field. Faculty will discuss their paths to leadership and how to apply best, initiate, and sustain leadership roles. We will also examine complex barriers and how to navigate these roadblocks. Participants will walk away with renewed inspiration and strategies for their careers.

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Bifurcation Club Webinar Series

Procedural Approaches and Techniques for Complex Lesions

This webinar series will be held monthly from 6-7 pm ET and moderated by members of the SCAI Bifurcation Club and Dr. Tanveer Rab. Each session will present three 20-minute cases, with an emphasis on imaging. The discussions will be case-based and focus predominantly on procedural approaches and techniques. There are no didactic lectures except for guidelines or technical updates. Register now for the entire series.

Women in Innovations Career Development Series

SCAI Women In Innovations Career Development Series

An opportunity for practicing and aspiring interventional cardiologists to learn how to identify opportunities for career growth and leadership, find mentors, and more.

Cath Labs Now

This novel webinar series addresses the need for data collection around life-saving cardiac procedures; communication tools for medical personnel, administrators, and patients; and plans to maximize efficiency. The Cath Labs Now webinar series will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and insight to run your cath lab with efficiency, innovation, and equitable care in today's reality and beyond.

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CLTI Webinar 1

CLI/CLTI Workshop for Fellows

A comprehensive fellow- and early career-focused webinar workshop dedicated to promoting a multidisciplinary approach to chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) clinical competencies and practice building in an intimate, collegial setting. The webinar series is designed to provide maximum learning with in-depth education and interactive sessions aimed to give fellows the opportunity to interact extensively with thought-leaders in the treatment of CTLI.