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Emerging Technologies and Trends in Interventional Cardiology

This webinar series showcases the next generation of interventional cardiology treatments and devices available for cardiovascular disease patients.

We present novel technologies that have the potential to transform patient outcomes, introducing you to pioneering therapeutic options for diverse patient populations with unmet clinical needs.

Disruptive Technology: Non-Invasive Assessment of Lesion-Specific Physiology

March 26, 2024

Contemporary PCI & Calcium Management Strategies

A Case-Based Discussion

The program features strategies for calcium modification, which aims to equip you, the interventional cardiologists, with skills needed to address the challenges of managing calcified lesions. Through case-based learning, you will be empowered to achieve better outcomes for your patients with severe coronary calcification.

Renal Denervation for Hypertension

Best Practices for Patient Selection, Optimal Techniques, and Building a Program

Learn about the latest updates in renal denervation with a comprehensive webinar on the upcoming SCAI Position Statement on Renal Denervation for Hypertension.

Experienced faculty will discuss patient selection, training and organization recommendations, optimal procedural techniques, and a case study on building an RDN program.

A lively Q&A follows the presentations. 

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At SCAI's meetings and events we share the latest research, new technologies, and best practices that you can apply to clinical practice to achieve better patient outcomes. 


Whatever your sub-specialty or level of experience, our diverse faculty will support you as you continue your professional development and mastery of new techniques and approaches.