Jun 29th 2021

President's Message

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As the 2020–21 SCAI year draws to a close, new society president, Dr. Tim Henry, reflects on the role that interventional cardiology as a community led by Dr. Cindy Grines has played in the world over the past 12 months.  

Learn more about Dr. Henry, the personal importance of his work, and the drivers behind the initiatives that he will lead at SCAI over the next year.  

While members often refer to SCAI as the home of interventional cardiology, this past year has allowed the Society to demonstrate what that really means for our members, the profession, and the patients we serve.

In the past 12 months, SCAI and its members:

  • Red-flagged a 40% drop in patients being treated for a STEMI and underlying patient concerns about attending the doctor's office, in particular amongst African-American and Latinx respondents (SCAI surveys).
  • Identified the more frequent occurrence of ST-Elevation in Blacks, Hispanics, and Diabetics (NACMI and Mechanical Circulatory Support Registry).
  • Launched the national Seconds Still Count Campaign which helped dramatically increase hospital patient numbers by demonstrating that the hospital was still a safe place to be. 
  • Published guidelines for Cath Lab procedures and AMI management during the COVID-19 pandemic in CCI and JACC respectively.
  • Formed a new Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Taskforce to ensure a sustained focus on driving change for members and patients.

As we recognize Dr. Grines for her leadership of the Society and ground-breaking work as a physician, and thank the 2020–21 Executive Committee for their contributions and SCAI staff for their support, we also look forward to the exciting work that lies ahead in 2021–22: 

  • Designing new clinical trials with industry, and providing clinical research training for our members and fellows, and publishing new scientific statements and guidelines, surveys, and registries under the oversight of our new Scientific Outcomes Committee.
  • Developing health policy, delivering training and certification programs, advancing science and quality, ensuring professional well-being, and providing a home for interventional cardiology.
  • Launching SCAI's new journal, JSCAI, in January.

Despite the challenges we have faced over the past 12 months and the adaptations we have had to make, SCAI embarks on its work this year stronger than ever, with over 500 Society members contributing their time to the work of our Councils and Committees. Perhaps most importantly as a community, we look forward to meeting friends and colleagues at SCAI 2021 Fellows Courses in Miami this December, and SCAI 2022 Scientific Sessions in Atlanta next May.




SCAI represents interventional cardiology unlike any other organization. JSCAI is the home for all SCAI’s clinical guidelines and e...