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SCAI Position Statement on Best Practices for Clinical Proctoring of New Technologies and Techniques

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As new technologies and approaches to care emerge in the field of interventional cardiology, this position statement recommends best practices to reduce the potential for adverse events, misunderstandings, conflicts of interest, and unexpected medicolegal liability. 

The statement discusses legal considerations, roles and responsibilities (host physician/institution, proctor, industry sponsor), and pre-, intra-, and post-procedure best practices for clinical proctoring.

All authors: Arnold H. Seto, MD, MPA, FSCAI (Vice-Chair); Peter L. Duffy, MD, MMM, FSCAI (Vice-Chair); Creighton W. Don, MD, PhD, FSCAI; Prashant Kaul, MD, FSCAI; Anbukarasi Maran, MD, FSCAI; Victor R. Cotton, MD, JD; Dmitriy N. Feldman, MD, FSCAI; Connie N. Hess, MD, MHS, FSCAI; Anthony A. Bavry, MD, MPH; Steven J. Yakubov, MD, MSCAI; Jacqueline Saw, MD, FSCAI; Paul Sorajja, MD, FSCAI; Mayra E. Guerrero, MD, FSCAI; Sunil V. Rao, MD, FSCAI (Chair)

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