Chair: Lyndon Box, MD, FSCAI (2019–2022)

Co-Chair: Richard Snyder, MD (2021–2023)

Board Liaison: Howard Herrmann, MD, MSCAI (2021–2022)

Staff Liaison: Curtis Rooney (


To increase Congressional interest in and support of legislative proposal favored by SCAI. Policy positions are set by SCAI's Advocacy Committee (with the oversight of the Executive Committee) by raising funds to support the campaigns of sympathetic politicians. Our focus is on Congress, not state, local, or presidential elections.


  • Raise the profile of interventional cardiology and its concerns on Capitol Hill.
  • Develop strong fundraising campaigns.
  • Develop grassroots program linking key Members of Congress with SCAI members in their district.

Voting Members

Member Term Start Term End
Charles Beale, MD 2018 2022
Nirmanmoh Bhatia, MD 2018 2022
David Cox, MD, MSCAI 2021 2024
Larry Dean, MD, MSCAI 2021 2024
Allison G. Dupont MD, FSCAI 2020 2023
Clifford Kavinsky, MD, PhD, MSCAI 2021 2024
Lloyd Klein, MD, MSCAI 2021 2024
K. C. Kurian, MD, FSCAI 2021 2024
Jeffrey J. Marshall, MD, MSCAI 2020 2023
Sridevi R. Pitta, MD, MBA, FSCAI 2020 2023
Manjunath Raju, MD, FSCAI 2021 2024
Neerav Sheth, MD, MBA, FSCAI 2021 2024
Warren Strickland, MD, FSCAI 2021 2024