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Government Relations Committee


To educate our members, ourselves, and key stakeholders (legislators and their staffs, government agencies, patients and the general public) about policies and positions that directly and indirectly affect all aspects of interventional cardiology and to advocate for those positions as directed by the Executive Committee of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions.

Committee Co-Chair (2018-23)

Joaquin Cigarroa

Joaquin E. Cigarroa, MD, MSCAI

JSCAI Editorial Board
Committee Chair
Committee Co-Chair
Program Track Director
Council & Committee Liaisons

AMA HOD Liaison (2019-23)

J. Jeffrey Marshall

J. Jeffrey Marshall, MD, MSCAI

SCAI Past President
Helping Hearts Lifetime Service Award Recipient
Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Committee Chair
Committee Member


  • Evaluate proposed legislation to understand its impact on interventional cardiologists and our patients.
  • Ongoing outreach to federal agencies (evaluate and develop comment letters in response to proposed FDA, CMS, NIH, AHRQ federal regulations, getting to know agencies/outreach to federal agencies, assess existing relationships with agencies).
  • Support select new interventional cardiology technologies by advocating for coverage and reimbursement of those technologies, when appropriate to support patient-centered decision making.
  • Engage in federal and state-level legislative and regulatory proposals to positively influence the outcome.
  • Identifying members who have strong contacts with key members of Congress.
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