Committee Co-Chair (2018-23)

Joaquin Cigarroa

Joaquin E. Cigarroa, MD, MSCAI

CCI Deputy Editor
JSCAI Editorial Board
Committee Chair
Committee Co-Chair
Program Track Director
Council & Committee Liaisons

AMA HOD Liaison (2019-23)

J. Jeffrey Marshall

J. Jeffrey Marshall, MD, MSCAI

SCAI Past President
Helping Hearts Lifetime Service Award Recipient
Distinguished Service Award Recipient
Committee Chair
Committee Member


  • Evaluate proposed legislation to understand its impact on interventional cardiologists and our patients.
  • Ongoing outreach to federal agencies (evaluate and develop comment letters in response to proposed FDA, CMS, NIH, AHRQ federal regulations, getting to know agencies/outreach to federal agencies, assess existing relationships with agencies).
  • Support select new interventional cardiology technologies by advocating for coverage and reimbursement of those technologies, when appropriate to support patient-centered decision making.
  • Engage in federal and state-level legislative and regulatory proposals to positively influence the outcome.
  • Identifying members who have strong contacts with key members of Congress.
Voting Members