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SCAI Expert Consensus Update on Best Practices in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Consensus Statement Occupational Health and Well-Being Quality Improvement

This statement was endorsed by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Clinical Policy Approval Committee, the American Heart Association (AHA), and the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) in April 2021.

This update to the SCAI Expert Consensus Statement on Best Practices in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (CCL) builds upon previous statements in 2012 and 2016. 

What's new:

  • Emphasis on practical recommendations to optimize quality & outcomes through best practices, registries, risk calculators, and vascular access (radial first, vascular ultrasound)
  • Updated discussion of ambulatory surgery centers and settings without on-site surgery
  • Expanded section on CCL governance, including dyad leadership, respective roles, “culture-setting”, industry relationships, and patient experience optimization
  • Emphasis on the heart team for various patient subsets, and new recommendations for coordination and collaboration with EP
  • Updated pre-procedure checklist and pre-PCI time out
  • Updated discussion of staff qualifications, certification, and optimal CCL team
  • Updated timing and discussion of H&P, informed consent, and required blood work
  • Updated infection control guidance, including use of PPE and hand anti-septic solutions
  • Emphasis on same-day discharge for select patients, with discussion of long-term GDMT and lifestyle modification, and bedside delivery of medications to improve adherence

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All authors: Srihari S. Naidu, MD, FSCAI (Chair); J. Dawn Abbott, MD, FSCAI; Jayant Bagai, MD, FSCAI; James C. Blankenship, MD, MSc, MSCAI; Santiago Garcia, MD, FSCAI; Sohah N. Iqbal, MD, FSCAI; Prashant Kaul, MD, FSCAI; Matheen A. Khuddus, MD, FSCAI; Lorrena Kirkwood, RN, BSN, MS; Steven V. Manoukian, MD,  FSCAI; Manesh R. Patel, MD, FSCAI; Kimberly Skelding, MD, FSCAI; David Slotwiner, MD, FSCAI;  Rajesh V. Swaminathan, MD, FSCAI; Frederick G. Welt, MD, FSCAI; Daniel M. Kolansky, MD, FSCAI (Vice-Chair).

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