In response to the accelerated pace of change in the delivery cardiovascular patient care driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, SCAI has designed the Cath Labs Now webinar series to deliver the knowledge, tools and insight needed to run your Cath Lab with efficiency, innovation, and equitable care in today’s reality and beyond.  

Recognizing the pressures that our members are currently under, the webinars are intentionally succinct: consisting of three conversations with subject matter experts, supported by visual aids, finishing with a discussion between the three guests.  

On this page you will find resources and presentations curated by the Cath Labs Now series faculty which complement the webinar series and that enable you to explore each of the webinar topics in more detail.  


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Webinar 4: A Leadership Roundtable: Where Does the Cath Lab Fit in the Cardiology Service Line and Health Network? 



Series Faculty
Binita Shah

Binita Shah, MD, FSCAI

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