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Cath Lab Boot Camp


Presenting the most current information that can be incorporated into clinical practice, this track will help you think critically about practical ways you can improve the quality of the patient care you provide.

Target Audience

This track has been designed for everyone on the cath lab team, including staff and physician faculty.

Suitable for all career stages, this track is for beginners and seasoned clinicians who are interested in improving practice and cath lab care. 

Learning Objectives

After attending SCAI 2021, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe how to manage routine interventions in the cardiac catheterization laboratory, as well as uncommon scenarios
  • List the various components of establishing and performing PCI in an ambulatory surgical center
  • Describe how to optimize quality, safety, and a healthy environment within the cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • Optimize the financial operations of a cardiac catheterization laboratory

Topics Covered

This track covers the diverse range of topics that interventionalists face on a routine basis, focusing on issues relating to invasive and interventional procedures.  

Presented by both national and international experts, these live sessions enable attendees to engage with authorities in the field and complement the webinars and lectures offered by SCAI during the rest of the year.



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