SCAI Bifurcation Club Webinar Series—Procedural Approaches and Techniques for Complex Lesions | SCAI

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of these activities, participants will be able to:

  • Assess and apply procedural techniques to treat bifurcation lesions
  • Examine imaging modalities and their best applications
  • Discuss challenging bifurcation cases
  • Explain treatment of bifurcation lesions in the presence of cardiogenic shock and STEMI


Catch-up on Past Webinars in the Series

Webinar 1—March 30, 2023

European Bifurcation Club Update and Provisional Stenting


  • Introduction to the Webinar Series, Dr. Rab
  • European Bifurcation Club, Dr. Latib
  • Provisional Stenting, Dr. Burotta
  • Case: Step Wise Two-Stent Technique, Dr. Louvard

Webinar 2—April 27, 2023

Left Main (LM) Bifurcation Algorithm and Double Kissing (DK) Crush


  • Current State of LM PCI, Dr. Abbott
  • LM Bifurcation Algorithm, Dr. Rab
  • Case: Two Stent TAP Technique, Dr. Chatzizisis
  • Case: DK Crush-Step by Step, Dr. Chen

Webinar 3—June 22, 2023

Bifurcation In-Stent Restenosis (ISR)


  • Managing Bifurcation In-Stent Restenosis, Dr. Waksman
  • Case: In-Stent Restenosis, Dr. Kearney
  • Case: In-Stent Restenosis, Dr. Nicholson

Webinar 4—July 27, 2023

Culotte Three Ways


  • Case: LM Double Kissing (DK) Culotte—Step by Step, Dr. Toth
  • Case: LM Single Cell Culotte, Dr. Sandesara

Webinar 5—August 24, 2023

Intravascular Imaging With Bifurcation PCI


  • OCT Imaging in Bifurcation Stenting, Yoshinobu Murasato, MD
  • Bifurcation Case Presentation with OCT Imaging and Optimization, Richard A. Shlofmitz, MD
  • Case Presentation of IVUS Guided LM Bifurcation Stenting, Jun-Jie Zhang, MD, FSCAI
  • Discussion, All

Webinar 6—September 28, 2023

Bifurcation PCI in AMI Cardiogenic Shock


  • Introduction, Dr. Rab
  • Case 1: Bifurcation in AMI Cardiogenic Shock, Dr Basir
  • Case 2: Bifurcation in AMI Cardiogenic Shock, Dr Kaki
  • Panel Discussion, Drs. Truesdell, Anderson, and Shah

Webinar 7—October 19, 2023

Bifurcation Side Branch Stenosis


  • Update on Ostial SB Stenosis, Dr. Nam
  • Ostial LCX Case and Update on China DCB Registry, Dr. Chen
  • Case: Bifurcation Diagonal Stenosis, Dr. Mamas
  • Case: Ostial LAD, Dr. Rab
  • Case: Ostial Marginal, Dr. Dzavik

Webinar 8—November 16, 2023

PCI in Calcified Nodular Bifurcation Lesions


  • Calcified Nodules with Imaging, Dr. Maehara
    Calcified Bifurcation PCI, Dr. Alasnag
    Calcified Left Main with OCT Imaging and Discussion of MLD-MAX, Dr. Croce

Webinar 9—January 25, 2024

Left Main Trifurcation PCI

  • Left Main Trifurcation and Its Percutaneous Treatment, Dr. Kovačević
  • Case 1, Dr. Sheiban
  • Case 2, Dr. Rab
  • Case 3, Dr. Sandesara
  • Discussion

Webinar 10—February 22, 2024

AI, Robotics, and Simulation in Bifurcation PCI

  • Role of AI, Computational Simulations and Extended Reality in Coronary Bifurcations, Dr. Chatzizisis
  • Robotic Bifurcation PCI, Dr. Mahmud
  • Simulation-DK Crush, Drs. Kumar and Lee

Webinar 11—March 28, 2024

CTO Bifurcation PCI


  • CTO and Bifurcation Lesions: An Expert Consensus from the European Bifurcation Club and EuroCTO Club, Dr. Pan
  • CTO Bifurcation Cases, Drs. Karmpaliotis and Nicholson

Webinar 12—April 25, 2024

Bifurcation Stenting from the Visible Heart Lab


  • Case: Physiologic Assessment, Dr. Koo
  • Case: IVUS Assessment, Dr. Maehara
  • Case: OCT Assessment, Dr. Ali


SCAI Faculty

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J. Dawn Abbott, MD, FSCAI

SCAI Vice President
Distinguished Service Award Recipient
JSCAI Editorial Board
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Mir B. Basir

Mir B. Basir, DO, FSCAI

30 in Their 30s Award Recipient
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Ehtisham Mahmud

Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, MSCAI

SCAI Past President
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Binita Shah

Binita Shah, MD, FSCAI

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ELM Fellow (past)
Bifurcation Club

The mission of the SCAI Bifurcation Club is to promote worldwide excellence in percutaneous coronary intervention of patients with bifurcation lesions through multidisciplinary research, innovation, education, and dissemination of consensus documents and guidelines.